How To Accept Your Echo Invitation

Before you can use Echo 2 you must accept an invitation to join you team.

When your organisation’s Team is created in Team Admin you will be added as a user and will receive an email invitation with a link. This needs to be accepted to confirm your registration and will expire within 1 week. If your invitation expires please raise a support request to receive an updated link.

Joining your Team
  • Your Echo profile will be created by your Team Admin and will include your email address
  • When you are added to your Team an email will be sent to your given email address containing your invitation
    • If you don’t receive this straight away check your spam folder just in case
  • Click the link in the email – you will be taken to Team Admin where you will be invited to create a password.
  • Create a password containing at least one number, one capital letter and a minimum of eight characters.
  • Log in to your profile using your registered email address and new password
  • When you log in to Team Admin for the first time there will be a section called ‘Pending Invitations’ on the ‘User’ page.
  • Click the green tick to accept the invitation 
  • You are now a member of the Team and can download the Echo application if it has been assigned – see How To Install Echo


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