Echo Version Updates

Echo 2.3

Custom Voice Commands

Echo users now have the ability to create custom voice commands which replicate a sequence of key presses or insert blocks of personalised text.

Microphone Keyboard Shortcut

The Echo microphone can now be toggled on and off by pressing the ‘+’ key on the number pad

Improved Settings and Customisation

The Echo menu now has extended options which include user Settings and the ability to select microphone devices

Echo 2.2.1

General Voice Commands

General command functionality has been enhanced and utilises trigger phrases to undertake keystroke commands or key presses. The full range of actions can be found in How To Use Echo Voice Commands


Echo 2.2

Voice Commands

Lexacom Echo now supports a range of commands . These can range from keystroke commands or a combination of key presses, to navigating desktop applications.

For Primary Care customers using EMIS or SystmOne, Lexacom Echo can also be used to undertake actions and commands within the clinical system, as well as dictating consultation notes.

Guides have been added to the Lexacom Echo Support Centre for further reference.


Home Working

Use Lexacom Echo from any desktop device at the office, in practice or from home by logging in to Team Admin and easily downloading your Echo software from your Team profile. See How To Install Echo 2

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