Speech Recognition is a valuable part of the document creation workflow. It works by recognising spoken words and translating them into written text. When used in partnership with careful checking, it can save time and improve efficiency.

We offer our own unique Speech Recognition service, Lexacom Echo, which is available via the Lexacom platform.  Lexacom Echo, revolutionises the way in which Speech Recognition can be accessed, delivering a new sophisticated solution to anyone using our advanced digital dictation platform, Lexacom 3.

Lexacom Echo:

  • Removes any barriers traditionally associated with Speech Recognition
  • Offers complete flexibility, transparency and a high level of accuracy with no upfront financial investment nor the need for upgraded or   expensive PC hardware
  • Compatibility with any PC running the Lexacom 3 platform 
  • Offers two modes for dictation, allowing users to choose the most suitable for their needs; Lexacom Echo offers the standard deferred option and Lexacom Echo Live offers the direct option, both available at the touch of a button 
  • Lexacom 3 users can select to use Lexacom Echo as and when they require additional support
  • You can choose how to pay; pay as you go or on a monthly subscription basis
  • Includes profession-specific vocabularies for medical, legal and business which are fully integrated and updated regularly
  • You only pay for what Lexacom Echo transcribes correctly (if using PAYG)
  • All Lexacom 3 users can trial Lexacom Echo for free 
  • Offers optional bespoke 1-2-1 training, to ensure you get the best user experience


High cost - up to £1k per person No upfront cost
No trial
Bought on trust with high drop out rate
30 day free trial
Additional expenses for updates and maintenance Updates  and maintenance included
Local PC may need upgrades to run software No hardware upgrade needed


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​We also offer other Speech Recognition services, avaliable from carefully selected partners.

Contact us for more information about all available options.