Do more with Lexacom 3

Lexacom 3 is our most advanced digital dictation software, complete with a full range of inclusive features as well as access to optional integrated services to help you improve efficiency, accuracy and service.

Easier to use

  • Improve accuracy and efficiency with clinical integration. Lexacom 3 is the only digital dictation software approved by EMIS, Vision, SystmOne and Microtest, and offers clinical integration at no extra cost.
  • Return transcriptions to author electronically for checking/approval before dispatch (fully compatible with Lexacom Mobile for approval on the move)
  • Send attachments or copy and paste text from other documents to accompany a dictation
  • Manage your account, add licenses, hardware and new services via the Lexacom Cloud

Track performance with enhanced reporting

  • Monitor your workload and efficiency with advanced management and reporting tools
  • Track and audit referrals across a Practice, Federation or CCG
  • Stay on top of performance with our at-a-glance reporting dashboard, as well as drilling down into detailed reporting features when needed

Improved flexibility

  • Share information across sites, even where no network connection exists
  • Dictate securely on the move, approve documents and track progress from your smartphone or tablet (see Lexacom Mobile information below)


Dictate whenever, wherever with Lexacom Mobile

Lexacom Mobile offers secure dictation, anytime, anywhere. Integrating seamlessly with your office-based Lexacom software, Lexacom Mobile apps for smartphones and tablets give you the flexibility to work efficiently wherever you are. For a modest monthly fee, some or all users can work on the move and you only pay for the licenses you need.

Access optional integrated services for enhanced efficiency

  • Securely outsource some or all transcriptions to approved providers to cover workload peaks/absences etc.
  • Add Speech Recognition for some or all users to reduce reliance on admin teams
  • Choose our one-stop dictate to delivery service with Docmail – with one click, your correspondence can be printed, addressed and posted for less than the cost of a second class stamp

Introducing Lexacom Membership

Lexacom 3 is a membership-based service. On installation, you will be given an administrator account, enabling you to manage your account directly via the Lexacom Cloud

Technical support from our UK-based team is included as part of the membership fee, as are future L3 software updates so you don’t need to worry about missing out on the latest features.

Upgrading to Lexacom 3
There are three ways of upgrading to Lexacom 3, depending on your preference and IT capabilities. Please email us your request and we will send details of options and installation prices.