Lexacom 3 offers the features you need

Lexacom digital dictation software offers maximum efficiency, control and flexibility when dictating, transcribing and reviewing documents.  Our Talk, Type, and Management & Reporting modules integrate fully to offer you a system that is easy to use, reliable and efficient.

Easy Easy to install and use

It will only take one of our technicians a matter of minutes to install your
 Lexacom 3 software and hardware. The software is intuitive to use so minimal training is needed to get started – but full training is available to help you get the most out of the software.

Cloud Genuine Cloud solution*

Securely dictate and review documents, whenever and wherever you like, using our encrypted cloud technology. This gives you ultimate freedom and flexibility.

Cost Big cost savings on admin time

Our audits show that Lexacom can improve efficiency by 50% compared with analogue dictation systems. Check out our case studies for details.

Compatibility Widespread compatibility 
and integration with clinical systems 

Lexacom 3 is the only digital dictation system accredited to work with EMIS, Vision, SystmOne and Microtest in the Primary Care market. We recognise the importance of integration with existing systems, so we are always keen to discuss how we can develop other links to meet your requirements.

Evolve Software evolves with workplace system requirements

The modern working environment
 is constantly evolving. Whatever changes you make to your workflow routine, Lexacom can be configured to work with them.

Scale Scalability – suitable for small or large organisations

Lexacom is suitable for large and small businesses. With a few simple adjustments, our software will perform to the highest standard in single or multi-site organisations.

Secure Secure communication platform

All communication is encrypted and Lexacom conforms to the highest possible security standards, whether you’re dictating at your desk or on the move.

Report Management and reporting

Lexacom provides full workload visibility. Outputs can be tracked and audited for efficiency and trends. Reports can be tailored to individual requirements

Increase Ongoing support and advice

As a Lexacom member, you have ongoing access to our UK-based technical help team who can provide advice on how to get the most from your system, and resolve any technical issues by telephone or email.

Increase Proven to deliver huge increases in productivity

By having complete visibility of workload and productivity, no time is wasted and tasks are handled promptly.

Device Utilise the latest device*

As well as hand-held and desktop microphones, choose to use smartphone, tablet and hands-free (pedal drive) dictation hardware.

Keyboard Third Party Transcription services*

Opt to send some or all of your dictations to our approved, integrated transcription services to relieve pressure on your in-house team. The system can be set up to offer a truly flexible service, enabling you to access a team of highly trained typists when you need to, as easily as using your own resources.

Voice Speech Recognition

We offer a flexible, integrated speech recognition service. Translating the spoken word into text, speech recognition can improve efficiency, when properly monitored to maintain accuracy.

Voice Free 30-day trial

We want our customers to be happy with their investment so we offer all potential customers a 30-day no obligation trial to give you the opportunity to use the system before making a decision.

DVR Compatible DVR Compatible

Digital Voice Recorders (DVRs) can be used with Lexacom 3. Simply plug your DVR in to your PC to transfer your dictations. Your recordings will automatically be sent to the secretarial team for typing. And using the Olympus range of compatible devices, your DVR can also be used as a speech mic, controlled via your Lexacom software.

*Some services are only available to registered Lexacom Mobile members