How Lexacom digital dictation works

Lexacom is split into three integrated modules, Talk for authors, Type for Secretaries/Transcribers and Management & Reporting for Practice/Office Managers.

The Management & Reporting Module is included free of charge with any Lexacom purchase, and the number of Talk and Type users can be tailored to suit your needs.

*Lexacom Talk

Lexacom Talk allows authors to easily record dictations from their desktop or mobile device:

  • Record: Press record and start speaking
  • Edit: Add or delete information, even in the middle of the recording
  • Prioritise: Label each dictation as routine, urgent, immediate – or any other label you like!
  • Send: Instantly send your dictation to one specific secretary or team of secretaries or approved external transcription service
  • Monitor: Check when a dictation has been retrieved and is being actioned every step of the way, in real time
  • Approve: Review the transcribed dictation electronically and approve for distribution or correct/amend and resend

There’s no time wasted trying to find hardware or locating urgent dictations hidden on unmarked tapes, the sound quality makes transcribing much easier, and if anything needs checking, the original audio file can easily be retrieved.

"We all love Lexacom. As you would expect from a digital dictation platform, Lexacom allows us to process our information much faster because we can get the work to our secretaries without any kind of delay.”
Joanne Potts, Senior Partner, Whiting and Mason Solicitors

*Lexacom Type

With Lexacom Type, workload is completely transparent and priorities are clear.

Secretaries can instantly see when a new dictation has been sent and how urgent it is. The digital sound quality makes it easy to transcribe accurately and efficiently.

Dictations can be shared among a team to avoid workload bottlenecks, with the option to use external transcription services during periods of sickness or annual leave if necessary.

As soon as a document is transcribed, it is securely returned to the author for checking and approval – even on a mobile device.

“Lexacom is a brilliant system. Now that I can type up dictations so quickly, I’m able to add extra value to the doctors and patients by taking on additional tasks”
Kathryn Ackroyd, Medical Secretary.

*Lexacom Management & Reporting

Lexacom’s latest software includes a free Management & Reporting module, combining our much-loved Lexacom Admin system with new reporting and auditing functions.

Using this module, you can tailor Lexacom to suit your organisation, including setting passwords, creating regular recipient lists, adding mobile users and creating typist pools.

With the reporting system, managers can track the usage and performance of the digital dictation system, monitor document turnaround times, and identify trends such as volume of correspondence by recipient or author. Bespoke reports can also be developed to support your organisation’s own Key Performance Indicators.

Although easy to use, our team will be only too glad to take you through what this module has to offer and how it can work for you as part of your personal demo or free trial.

"It is fantastic to be able to have a good overview of workload and report on different aspects. Planning workload and managing holidays and sickness cover have all become easier as a result.”
Victoria Rhodes, Business Manager, Hucknall Road Medical Group