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Cowes Medical Centre, Isle of Wight
*The sound quality is very clear, making it a lot easier to type letters quickly and accuratelyKaren Woodford, Practice Manager
Cowes Medical Practice, Isle of Wight

The Cowes Medical Centre on the Isle of Wight hasn’t looked back since switching from an old tape system to Lexacom digital dictation.

When the tapes were about to be discontinued, the Cowes Medical Centre spoke to another practice that was already using  Lexacom digital dictation.  It was recommended as a much more efficient system and the medical centre is delighted with the results.

“The tape system was okay but old tapes would wear out and the sound quality became poor,” said Practice Manager Karen Woodford. The secretarial team has noticed a big improvement since making the switch to Lexacom 3. “The sound quality is very clear, making it a lot easier to type letters quickly and accurately” continued Karen.

One of the biggest benefits has been the ability to prioritise workloads. Karen said: “Urgent letters are highlighted on the screen, so it is much easier for the secretaries to organise their work. When we used tapes, the secretaries would have to play the tape to find the urgent letter amongst all the other dictation on the tape.

“Another plus is the fact that you can go back to dictations that are days or weeks old and listen to them again – these would have been lost when we used tapes,” she added.

Karen also commented that since Lexacom was installed in January 2013, the system has already been enhanced and it is possible for the practice request further features if required. 


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