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Handforth Health Centre
*There is no doubt that Lexacom has made things a lot easier for everyone involved in the dictation process at the surgery.Practice Manager, Joanne Morton
Handforth Health Centre

Stress levels are down and efficiency is up at Handforth Health Centre since switching from tapes to Lexacom Digital Dictation.


  • Analogue system was unreliable
  • Dictations were being recorded and processed in batches, leading to delays
  • Difficult to distinguish between urgent and routine dictations

Life with Lexacom

  • Dictations are clearly marked with level of urgency
  • Individual dictations can be transcribed immediately, without delay
  • Workload is more predictable and manageable 

The full story:

Handforth Health Centre had become increasingly frustrated with its analogue dictation system. The tapes and equipment broke regularly, dictations weren’t marked with level of urgency and one tape often contained between four and six letters before being given to a secretary to action promptly. As Joanne Moreton, Practice Manager, explains, “it was not an ideal situation and was costing us a lot of time."

After enjoying a free 30-day trial with Lexacom, the team at Handforth Health Centre made switching to digital a top priority.

Handforth Health Centre is now using a complete Lexacom solution to handle and process its patient information. The system has been well received and has had a direct impact on efficiency.

Joanne Morton said: " There is no doubt that Lexacom has made things a lot easier for everyone involved in the dictation process at the surgery. The doctors are now dictating between consultations and that has given way to a regular and steady flow on information to the secretaries.  As a result, our letters are now moving freely and everyone is now much happier and enjoying the fact that they don't have the stress that came with the tapes.

"It took a little bit of time to secure the funding for Lexacom's digital dictation software but I'd definitely say it's been a worthwhile investment." She added.

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