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13 October 2011
Early success prompts full Lexacom rollout
The software is saving an incredible amount of time as we are not hunting for lost tapes

Lexacom's impact at a GP surgery in Chester has been so powerful that its innovative digital dictation software has now been rolled out to all of the staff.

The City Walls Medical Centre cares for 17,300 patients registered in the Chester area.  The practice  invested in Lexacom software for three doctors and two typists in 2010.

The introduction of Lexacom has been such a resounding success that, less than 12 months later, the practice has now installed Lexacom's digital dictation software for all ten of its doctors.

"Lexacom has made a significant difference to our workflow and has helped us to improve our typing by enabling us to prioritise the   dictations as they comes through," Practice Manager, Linda Leigh, said. "Rolling it out to everyone in the practice has improved this concept further.

"We really like the fact that Lexacom gives our workload complete transparency and that we can audit the work on a daily basis to monitor trends and plan workload capacity.

"The software is saving an incredible amount of time as we are not hunting for lost tapes, or trying to locate the urgent letters when we are managing our daily work in the secretarial department.  Everyone has found the software easy to use and all the doctors and staff have quickly gained confidence in using Lexacom."

To look at the results of the latest Lexacom audit that was conducted at a GP surgery in Manchester, click here


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