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10 April 2015
Fast, accurate referrals benefit patients at the Bartholomew Medical Group
The Bartholomew Medical Group in East Yorkshire has appointed Lexacom digital dictation to provide a faster, more accurate and secure way of generating patient referral letters in their practice – boosting processing times as well as staff morale. *
06 March 2015
GP Practices across Middleton adopt new technology to improve patient care
Eight GP practices in Middleton, Manchester, have adopted Lexacom Digital to support effective joint working and improve patient service across the town. *
18 February 2015
Lexacom lightens the load with innovative new transcription services
Leading digital dictation provider, Lexacom, has launched an exciting new range of fully integrated transcription services, in partnership with leading providers, to offer clients a flexible typing resource at the touch of a button. *
30 January 2015
Three more GP Practices in the North West select Lexacom digital dictation
Lexacom has signed up three new GP practices in the north west of the country, each giving glowing reviews about their new digital dictation system. *
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