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Lexacom soften the blow of latest VAT increase

Lexacom has kicked off 2011 by giving its customers a generous financial boost.

The digital dictation specialist has taken the decision to reduce its prices until March 31 to compensate for the Government’s latest VAT increase that came into effect on January 4.

This means that any invoices generated for new business before the end of March will be charged at the new 20% rate – but the product cost will be lowered to make the total customer price comparable with a 17.5% VAT rate.

Managing director, Andrew Whiteley, explained: “Everyone knows that the world – and in particular the public sector – is going through a tough time financially and a VAT increase is hardly a pleasant way to start 2011.

“We are sensitive to the financial needs and requirements of our customers so we’ve taken the decision to freeze VAT at an equivalent rate of 17.5% until the end of March. We hope this will help our new customers to maintain their efficiency and not have to worry about the increase for a few months longer.”

The practice manager at a surgery that was looking to switch to a Lexacom digital dictation platform early in 2011 welcomed the price reduction.

She said: “We would probably have bought the software at its full price because we would view it as a necessary expense. But when we found out that Lexacom’s total pricing will come out at an equivalent VAT rate of 17.5% it was a lovely surprise and a great gesture in today’s financial climate.

“We keep a very close eye on our expenditure so this saving is very welcome and helps us keep some money back for other things.”

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