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Lexacom prove bigger is better

Following the success of its basic demonstration and free trial initiative, Lexacom has decided to let prospective customers enjoy full-scale trials with its digital dictation software in 2010.Trials were originally limited to one or two users at each GP practice, but prospective customers can now install Lexacom software across the entire practice to assess its effectiveness.

Lexacom sales and marketing director, Charles Cozens, said: “We’re so confident that people will want the software on a permanent basis after they’ve come to the end of their free trial that we’re more than happy to roll the software out across all of their computers in the first instance.“The first raft of practices that we have done this for have decided to order the software within a week because they immediately recognised the benefits at all levels in the practice.”To request a free demonstration and trial, e-mail sales@lexacom.co.uk