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Lexacom is a sound investment

The St Fillan’s Medical Centre in Preston has made a successful switch to Lexacom’s digital technology after battling against the limitations imposed by its previous analogue system.

Six months after the initial installation, the seven doctors and two secretaries that are using Lexacom at St Fillan’s are all happy with the increased efficiency that the digital dictation platform has afforded them.

Practice manager Karen Manciocchi believes it would have been a false economy to replace their old analogue equipment with anything other than Lexacom’s digital software.

She said: “When I was looking at alternative dictation solutions, it was clear that Lexacom was two or three times cheaper than some of the other digital platforms that are available. And when you compare the price of Lexacom to carrying on with tapes and buying a whole new dictaphone set-up, there was almost nothing in it.

“It’s been almost the same investment to go fully digital and when I look at the improvements Lexacom has brought to our workflow and how easy the doctors and secretaries find the software to use, I’m glad that we made the investment that we did.”

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