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Lexacom eradicates information transfer headache“ Although we’ve only had the software a few months, everyone loves it ”

A GP surgery in Wakefield, Yorkshire is now transferring important patient referral information between its two sites with complete ease after making a full-time switch to Lexacom’s digital dictation software.

The Lofthouse Surgery had been battling against the limitations of an outdated analogue dictation system and recently decided it was best to call a halt to the ongoing saga.

Practice Manager, Jenny Ramsden, said: “We experienced all of the usual problems with the analogue system – tapes going missing, dictations being recorded over and secretaries not being able to hear what had been recorded.

“We were being exposed to more and more problems in the latter months and it was a real headache. I decided that it was time to go digital so we got in touch with Lexacom.”

After getting to grips with Lexacom’s software as part of a free 30-day trial before purchase, the Lofthouse Surgery now has seven doctors and one secretary using the system.

“Although we’ve only had the software a few months, everyone loves it,” Jenny said. “We can now transfer information between the two sites effortlessly – there’s no need to waste time transporting tapes and equipment – and the doctors are dictating quicker than they used to. In general, we’re much better organised and that has improved our efficiency.”