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Lexacom comes out on top in competitor comparison

A private healthcare company that works with the NHS in the East of England has praised the performance of Lexacom’s digital dictation software after comparing it to a rival system that is used in the same working environment.

Encompass Healthcare Ltd was established by a group of consultant surgeons and provides a diagnostic and general surgery service to the NHS in the region. The consultants in the company use a competitor’s digital dictation system in the NHS environment but opted to install a Lexacom platform to handle clinical information at their own private clinic.

Having closely compared both digital dictation systems during the same two-month period since they were both installed, Encompass has found that the performance of Lexacom’s software far outweighs that of the other product.

“As there are nine of us all using Lexacom and the other digital dictation system, we have been able to make a direct comparison between the two,” explained Mr Abdel Omer. “Lexacom has proved to be much easier to use and the process of making a dictation is unbelievably faster because of the functionality of the software.”

Encompass Healthcare also believes that the performance of the system that is used in the NHS environment is no more efficient than a traditional analogue dictation system.

Mr Michael Crabtree said:

“It’s noticeable how slow the dictation platform that’s used in the NHS environment is and I would confidently say it’s slower than a tape-based system. We opted to implement a Lexacom digital dictation platform because we wanted to get away from the restrictions of analogue. When I look at the strong output of our secretaries, I’m glad we took that path.”

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