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Lexacom banishes the backlog “Lexacom has made a huge difference to our general efficiency. ”

Lexacom has made a real difference at two-site practice in Cheshire

The introduction of Lexacom’s digital dictation software has helped a GP practice in Cheshire to significantly improve communication across its two sites.

The Helsby & Elton Practice near Frodsham has a main health centre at Helsby but also operates a satellite facility at Elton in the mornings to ensure patients always have convenient access to a GP.

The practice switched to Lexacom in September after doing away with its problematic analogue dictation equipment and Practice Manager, Brian Yorke, hasn’t looked back.

He said:

“Lexacom has made a huge difference to our general efficiency. As a two-site operation, it was very common for no dictations to come back from our satellite site until after it closed in the afternoon and sometimes we wouldn’t see tapes for three or four days. That would cause a significant backlog in dictations.

“But with Lexacom, things have improved dramatically. There is now a steady flow of dictations across both sites and that’s made life easier and faster for everyone.”

Brian Yorke has also been impressed with how easy it has been for his seven doctors and two typists to get to grips with their new Lexacom software.

“One of the concerns we had was how quickly our less technologically-savvy GPs would take to get a handle on the software but our fears were unfounded,” he explained. “They were all producing letters within an hour of the software being installed and our locums have also found it easy to use.”

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