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Greater efficiency at Welsh practice

“ The Lexacom system has received a very warm welcome since it was installed… ”

A medical practice in mid-Wales that cares for 5,400 patients is enjoying the benefits of being able to prioritise its important patient notes and referrals after switching to Lexacom’s digital dictation software.

The Caereinion Medical Practice in Powys was using a traditional analogue tape-based dictation system until one of its GPs saw Lexacom’s versatile software being demonstrated at a medical conference and promptly requested a trial.

This trial proved successful and the practice has now completed a full-time switch to Lexacom’s software. Five doctors and two secretaries are now enjoying the benefits that a digital dictation platform brings to the management of their workflow systems.

Practice Manager Chris Roberts said: “The Lexacom system has received a very warm welcome since it was installed because it’s very easy to use and the benefits it brings to both the doctors and secretaries in our practice are undeniable.

“The secretaries are particularly happy because they can now clearly see what needs to be done and are therefore able to prioritise the urgent referrals and manage their workloads more effectively.”

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