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Good things come in small packages

“Don’t be tempted to persevere with a tape-based dictation system”. That’s the message coming out of a small GP practice that has just switched to Lexacom.

The Victoria Medical Practice looks after 3,800 patients in Hartlepool and has just replaced its analogue dictation equipment with a digital solution from Lexacom.

Although it’s a small practice and only has two doctors and one typist using Lexacom’s software, secretary Carole Wanley says the benefits have still been huge.

“We’re a modestly-sized practice but the tapes still put a huge and unnecessary pressure on us. It was a nightmare.” she said. “But everything is now 100% better with Lexacom.

“We are saving lots of time because there’s no going backwards and forwards between doctors and typists and the system is so quick and easy to use.

“People shouldn’t be tempted to persevere with a tape-based dictation system because our experiences have shown us that things can really be so much better. I would hate to go back to tapes after this.”

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