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Customers note efficiency boost

Recent feedback has shown that Lexacom’s digital dictation software is bringing GP practices and hospitals record improvements in efficiency.Lexacom has previously quoted that its software can give customers between a 25 – 30% improvement in workflow management efficiency through improved basic dictation techniques.But the very latest customer statistics fed back to Lexacom at its Oxfordshire headquarters indicate that this figure has now increased

Lexacom managing director, Andy Whiteley, said:

“Some customers are very good at monitoring the effect our software is having on their workflow management systems and the latest information we have is that it is bringing some customers an increase in efficiency of up to 40%.

“We’re really pleased with that figure because it shows that all the hard work we have put into regularly updating our software has been worthwhile and is continuing to make life easier for our customers.”

For more information about software efficiency, e-mail info@lexacom.co.uk