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Customer service is key

Lexacom has been praised for its exemplary standards of customer service after a solicitors firm chose Lexacom over two other digital dictation suppliers.

Whiting & Mason has four offices across the North West of England and recently spoke to Lexacom and two other suppliers when sourcing a suitable digital dictation partner.

As well as the quality of its product, the standard of Lexacom’s communication and enthusiasm impressed Whiting and Mason from the outset and eventually swayed its decision to discard the other two suppliers and deal exclusively with Lexacom.

Senior partner, Joanne Potts, said: “The Lexacom guy that came to see us was very patient and gave us his thorough attention. He took the time to illustrate precisely how the system would meet our specific requirements. That was very well received and that level of customer service effectively made the buying decision for us.”

“Lexacom have been very quick to respond to everything we have asked and have always been extremely enthusiastic about our business. That, coupled with the fact that the price was not prohibitive, counts for an awful lot and gave us the confidence that we were buying the right system.”

Because of Whiting & Mason’s positive experiences when dealing with Lexacom, it is now planning to roll out its digital dictation software at three of its other offices in the North West.

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