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Blackpool Victoria Hospital turns to Lexacom

“All the staff are very happy with the system ”

The occupational health department at the Blackpool Victoria Hospital has joined the long list of healthcare sites that has been using Lexacom to give its dictation process a much-needed boost.

The department sees approximately 2,000 patients each year that require a letter to be dictated and the analogue dictation system that it previously used was proving troublesome as tapes were being chewed and recordings were not very clear.

However, Lexacom was recommended to the department by another GP who was already using its software and Office Manager Patricia Thompson wasted no time in seeing what Lexacom could do for her department.

Months later, the digital dictation solution that Lexacom delivered to the department significantly improved document turnaround times and enhanced general efficiency.

Patricia Thompson said: “All the staff are very happy with the system. One of the most valuable parts of the software is that dictations are much clearer and that the dictations are stored and available for a month afterwards just in case anything needs to be retrieved.”

One of the consultants in the department added: “I personally really like Lexacom’s software. I find it easy to use and I like being able to prioritise the letters.”

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