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Anglesey GP Practice catches the “Lexacom bug”

A GP Practice in Anglesey has praised the impact that Lexacom’s digital dictation software has made in the short time since it was installed.

The Victoria Surgery in Holyhead had been using a traditional analogue tape-based dictation system but was keen to switch to a platform that is more reliable and user friendly.

After enjoying a free trial with Lexacom’s digital dictation software in January, the partners at the practice were so impressed with the improvements it brought to their workflow management systems that they voted unanimously to keep the software after “catching the Lexacom bug”.

Practice Manager, Kevin Morris, said: “The Lexacom system is working great – it has revolutionised the way we manage our administration and is freeing up time to focus on important areas such as data quality and patient recall.”

Lexacom’s Regional Sales Manager, Simon Brady, said: “The immediate success recorded at Victoria Surgery illustrates that there really is no need to still be using an analogue tape-based system in the modern practice.

“Kevin Morris and his colleagues were effortlessly switched over to Lexacom software in a matter of minutes and everyone in the workflow chain at the practice is now enjoying the rewards.”

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